Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to get to Ringsend College?

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Can under 18s do night classes?

No. The courses are for adults and as such it would be inappropriate for under 18s to partake.


Is there parking?

Yes.. Parking is on the public street outside and around the college and is free.


Are there Fitness Class Dos/Don'ts?

Injuries: If in doubt about your health/injuries then consult a medical expert before attending for class.

Fitness mats: the school provides basic mats for fitness classes but many participants bring a personal mat/towel for hygiene reasons.


Do classes fill up quickly?

There are limited spaces and the classes only run on Mondays and Tuesdays so classes fill up very quickly. For example Woodwork is a very popular class and fills up straight away so bare in mind that classes are filled on a first-come-first-served basis!


Payment Methods and refunds:

We are not permitted to accept payment over the telephone

We accept cheques/drafts/Postal Orders etc with postal applications. A receipt will be posted by return if a stamped addressed envelope is included with application. Otherwise the receipt will be kept in the school for collection.

We accept cash/cards/cheques etc on enrolment nights and when people visit the school to pay for night classes.

Make cheques/drafts/PO’s payable to CDETB – City of Dublin Education and Training Board.

The school will give refunds of fees when classes do not form. Refunds to applicants caused by changed personal circumstances are at the discretion of the school principal and there may be an administrative charge of up to 30% of fee paid.


Are there extra charges for certain courses?

Some courses have extra charges for materials and other courses involve the student buying basic materials/tools themselves.


Woodwork Beginners – materials fee of €15

Woodwork Improvers – materials fee of €15 and students buy quality wood for their project.

Baking – students pay materials fee of €10

Cooking – students pay materials fee of €10 and also buy ingredients when doing their own cooking

Ceramics – students pay materials fee of €15

Clothing Alterations – students provide the clothing that needs alteration and students equip themselves with basic tools eg scissors ETC

Dress-making/Sewing – students equip themselves with basic tools and students buy the fabric for their designs.