Repeat Leaving Certificate at Ringsend College

At Ringsend College we know that repeating the Leaving Certificate can be very challenging but it can also be very rewarding too. We know that it is a decision that is not taken easily by students and their families.

It is a courageous thing to do which, as we have experienced over the years, often proves to be the making of the student. This is why we believe that the student undertaking to repeat the Leaving Cert deserves a quality programme such as that provided by Ringsend College.

It is our objective in Ringsend College to ensure that you have a successful and positive experience on this course and to improve the course year on year. Please read on the inside pages some details about the course.

  • Extend your options

  • Improve your job prospects

  • Obtain the 3rd level course of your choice


We have offered Repeat Leaving Cert. courses for more than 35 years.

Our teaching staff is highly experienced in delivering these programmes.

  • To date, Repeat Leaving Cert students in our college have considerably improved their previous results
  • Repeat Leaving Cert students are placed in classes solely for students repeating the Leaving Cert.
  • Our class sizes enable students to gain maximum benefit from the repeat year.
  • Regular contact between parents and the college is encouraged. Parent teacher meetings are organised and academic progress is reported on.
  • Student attendance is closely monitored and reported on.
  • We offer an excellent Guidance and Counselling service.
  • Student services offered include study facilities, and sporting and cultural activities.

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Repeat Leaving Cert

Repeat Leaving Cert