Open Day 2015

Date added: Oct. 14, 2015


On Wednesday 14th October our school, Ringsend College, hosted our annual open day for new students. The purpose of open day is to show new students what our school has to offer. It allows  them to have an insight to our school and its numerous facilities. It gives the visitors the opportunity to view the classrooms and laboratories, as well as speak to current students and teachers of Ringsend College. Open day helps new students to decide if they would like to attend Ringsend College.

  A lot of preparation went into open day. In Home Economics, for example, cupcakes were baked and previous projects were laid out for visitors to see. Our Junior Certificate artwork was on display in assembly, alongside posters advertising maths and poker night. A geography display, as well as our Transition Year notice board, was there for all to see. The library was organised; in the Science lab experiments were set up and the French room was decorated with French flags and pain au chocolat ( bread with chocolate) was set out on a table.

  Many people came, including students from the local primary schools and their parents. They were divided into small groups and each group was given a tour by their assigned teacher.

  There were  numerous experiments laid out in the Science lab. I made “elephant toothpaste” . This experiment proves the amount of oxygen in Hydrogen Peroxide. I mixed hydrogen peroxide with washing up liquid , ( the washing up liquid traps the oxygen) and Potassium iodide. the potassium iodide acts as a catalyst , it releases the oxygen quickly , which causes a reaction. It causes lots of bubbles. The children were fascinated with the experiment.

  The students visited the Reading Room. I was responsible for putting the library books on the shelves in alphabetical order. I also had to hang up posters and lay popular children’s and young adult’s books on the tables, such as a variety of Jacqueline Wilson novels, Harry Potter book and The Twilight Saga novels. We explained and spoke about JCSP (Junior Certificate Support Programme), DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), the Reading Challenge, the purpose of the Reading Room and what books the students enjoyed reading. They seemed to love talking about their love of books.

  We chatted to the new students and their parents; we spoke about Ringsend College. They talked to different students in every room they visited as there was a handful of second-level students in each room helping the teachers. We spoke highly of our school and we explained all about the different programmes the school is involved in. They all seemed to approve of our school.

 In the science lab, I was showing the new students the “elephant toothpaste” experiment, but I put in too much hydrogen peroxide in the jar. So when the very hot bubbles came out of the jar, the bubbles didn’t stop! The teacher in charge thought it was hilarious! I nearly blew up the school!

  In general, open day was a huge success. We advertised  and represented our school excellently. I feel that are good comments and description of our school will encourage students to consider attending here next year. We will always welcome new students. We’d like to thank everyone who visited our school and participated in open day. We hope to see you all next year!


By Amy Doyle and Toni Mocklerart.JPG