Transition Year help Tidy Towns

Date added: Sep. 17, 2015

Community Care Day, Tidy Towns.


On the 17th of September transition years  went to the local café to participate in tidy towns. Tidy towns is a program set up by our local community to clean up our area. The local people of Ringsend and Irishtown both came together to try make a difference to our area.


When we arrived at the café,we got separated into groups, four transitions years in each and a few other members of the community to fill the rest of the groups. We got introduced to our group and once we got to know each other we were assigned our location.


We arrived at our destination, we had to clean from Bremen Road to the end of the Clanna Gael, and each of us split into pairs and picked an area to clean. Myself and my classmate  Jessica were given an area to clean and worked very hard, pulling out weeds, sweeping the ground, putting rubbish into bags, to make a good difference. After several hours of working the difference really showed as you can see in the bottom right picture. We were very proud of ourselves and by lunchtime we had our lane completed. We strolled slowly back to the café and we were met by the people running the café who kindly offered us sandwiches and soup. They were delicious.IMG_7722[1].JPGIMG_7713[1].JPG












Overall I was very pleased with our hard day’s work but not only that but we all had great fun and little did we know that with each of us doing a little bit we made a big difference.

Sarah Maher