Transition Year Trip to Aran - Report by Ryan Byrne

Date added: Oct. 01, 2015

Day 1

We arrived on the island, Inis Mór, at 7:30pm. after a long and tiring trip. It was a very cold and windy evening. Our year, including Ms Moran and Mr.Giles would be staying there from the 23rd of September until the 25th in the Kilronan Hostel. We were met by Padraigín, our Principal Mr.Clancy's sister.

The boys were staying in the same room, so we went to our room and chose our beds and sorted our bags. After this we went and got dinner, which was made by some of the class, it was chicken curry and chips. I had to do a small bit of cleaning up after cooking, we then watched a film for about an hour, then went to our rooms and went to sleep.  

Day 2

We woke up at 7:15am the next morning. After a while we went down to make breakfast. We had toast and cereal. We ate for an hour and were ready for cycling. Cyril, our guide, came to greet us and he was organised to bring us around the island. The class went to choose our bikes. We put on helmets and began to cycle. We cycled for miles and looked at all the beautiful sights and amazing hills and cliffs of the island. It was a great experience, although I was so tired after it.

After a few hours of cycling we stopped to have lunch in a small café. We ate soup and a big variety of wraps and sandwiches. Next we went to visit Dún Aonghas. We lay on our stomachs and looked down into the ocean below, we also learned a lot about what Dún Aonghas was and what it was used for.

After this we returned to our bikes and cycled back to the hostel which was a very long way back. I was extremely tired and hungry. The class were cooking but I’d rather have a Supermacs so myself and the boys and some of the girls decided to eat there. It was very nice. After a short while of just strolling about I went to the living room to watch a film. Some of the class including me decided to watch a film called ‘Shaun of the Dead’, while the rest of the class were in the kitchen listening to music. I was enjoying the night but then it was ended by the teachers coming in and telling us it was getting late and it was almost time to go to bed. After a short conversation with the teachers we all ended up going to bed. When we got to our room we had to pack our bags for going home. I was extremely tired at the end of the day and I fell asleep pretty easily with no disturbances.  

Day 3

We woke up the next morning very early at 7:30am but we needed to be ready for 8:00am we jumped out of bed after the alarm went off and we got ready. We went down to the kitchen and we were greeted by the teachers and some of the class. We were waiting a short time for the rest of the class and we had breakfast while we waited. They then came down and we were ready to leave. We had a small walk over to the ferry, we thanked Padraigín and we began the very long journey home.

The trip consisted of a ferry, a bus, the train and the luas. The trip lasted about 7 hours and it made us all very tired. Overall it was an amazing trip and I really enjoyed it. It was a great experience to learn about the island and to see all the fantastic views.  

Ryan Byrne