School Reopening / COVID-19 Updates

Ringsend College is delighted to welcome back it’s students in managed phases. However there will be a period of time between each phase to assess the impact of reopening on aspects of community transmission.

I am really looking forward to welcoming the students back to the school in addition to
welcoming our new group of first year students into Ringsend College. We are
currently working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are ready to
reopen for students in the coming weeks.

The Students will return as follows:

Tuesday 31st August: 1st
Year Students Only 10:30am-1pm.

Wednesday 1st September: 1st,  2nd, 3rd years Induction 09:30am-11am.

                                                  4th, 5th, 6th    years Induction 11:30am-1pm.

Thursday 2nd September:
Classes as per timetable for all year groups in the morning, finishing for a
half day at 1:10pm.

Friday 3rd September:
Classes as per timetable for all year groups in the morning, finishing for a
half day at 12:00pm.

Monday 6th September: Full
resumption of timetable. (Our free school lunches and breakfast club will also
begin on this day).

For those
people who ordered their uniform through our new supplier here in the school
back in June, you can collect it and pay the outstanding balance next Monday 23rd August between
The supplier will also bring extra supplies on this day for any
person who is yet to order.

Here in Ringsend College we provide a very reasonably priced book rental/material and
electronic device scheme over the six year cycle which means parents only have
to pay a fraction of the price for an all in package each year in comparison to
that of other schools. If you are yet to pay your fees through our new online
system we ask that you do this as soon as possible as without funds in our
account we simply will not be able to order all that we require. If you are
experiencing difficulty in this regard then please do not hesitate to contact
the school office.

Finally I hope that you and your families enjoy what is left of the summer break. My team
and I are extremely excited to be welcoming students back to our school.

Is Mise Le Meas:

Mr Jonathan Walker,