School Reopening / COVID-19 Updates

Ringsend College is delighted to welcome back it’s students in managed phases. However there will be a period of time between each phase to assess the impact of reopening on aspects of community transmission.

On Monday 1 March the first four class groups at primary level – junior and senior infants, first and second class – and final year Leaving Certificate students will return to in-school provision. This phase will also see a return to full attendance for children in special schools, as well as children in early start pre-school classes and early intervention special classes for children with autism or hearing impairment.

Monday 15 March is the target date for the return to in-school provision of the rest of primary school children – third to sixth class, and fifth year Leaving Certificate students. This date will be reviewed during the period following 1 March.

Monday 12 April, following the Easter break is the target date for the return to in-school education of the rest of post-primary students – first to fourth year students.

Remote teaching and learning provision for students in each category will cease once in-school provision commences for each group of students.