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  Annual Admission Notice 2022/2023

The following Annual Admission Notice has been prepared by the board of Ringsend College in respect of the admission of students to the school for the school year 2022/2023. This notice was published on 02/12/21.

Number of available places in First Year Group:


Note: The figures set out below in relation to the Special Class are subject to change dependent on whether current students in the Special Class retain their place in the school and whether a student(s) transfers into the school after the publication of this Notice.

Number of available places in Special Class:


A copy of Ringsend College Admission Policy is now available at:

School website

School office (for printed copy)

By emailing

An Application Form for admission to Ringsend College 2022 is available from 01/10/2021 at:


School website

School office (for printed copy)

By emailing


All applications to the First Year Group will only be accepted after the 01/10/2021 and the closing date for receipt of applications is the 01/12/2021 at 12pm. Applications received after this date will be considered and processed as late applications in accordance with the school’s Admission Policy.


All applicants to the First-Year Group will be notified of an offer of a place or refusal of admission by:

Prior to 02/12/2021

Successful applicants to the First Year Group must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission to Ringsend College by completing and returning the Acceptance Form on or before:



Prior to 12pm on the 15/12/2021

   Last year the school was oversubscribed and the following is a breakdown of the award of places:

The number of applications to Ringsend College for the First-Year Group did not exceed the 60 places available within the school.

Number of places available:


Number of applications received:


Number of offers made:


Breakdown of offers against criteria applied:


51 – Total offers made

·         51 offers – Within catchment area.

offers – with siblings currently enrolled in the school.

·         offers – Students had attended feeder school A.