1st Year Information Booklet

Welcome to Ringsend College

We wish to extend a very special welcome to the parents of new students starting secondary school in Ringsend College.

My name is Sonya Murphy and I am the Home School Community Liaison teacher in Ringsend College. My role is to link with parents/guardians, teachers, students and relevant agencies in the wider community to ensure parents and students are encouraged and supported throughout their time in the school. The aim of the scheme is to promote participation of parents in their children’s education and to foster positive relationships between the home and the school.

Early in the New School Year I would aim to meet all the parents/guardians of our new 1st Years. This year things will be different unfortunately due to the new restrictions in place. I would rather meet you in person but as it won’t be possible to have our usual First Year meeting. If you would like to meet with me my contact information is:

Mobile: 0864412686
Email: hsclringsend@hotmail.com
Ringsend College Landline: (01) 6684498 ext: 200
between 10:50 – 12:50 Tuesday to Friday.

Please contact me using the details above to schedule a meeting to informally discuss development/education issues and to ensure your child is transferring successfully from primary to secondary at Ringsend College during school hours.

Thanks a million,

Sonya Murphy