School of Distinction

Ringsend College wins School of Distinction: Community Award from Trinity Access, Trinity College Dublin

Ringsend College has been recognised by Trinity Access, Trinity College Dublin, for their ongoing work in creating a college-going culture in their school.

The Schools of Distinction Award, conferred by Trinity Access, Trinity College Dublin, recognises and showcases the efforts of schools nationwide to transform their school culture and to develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning. The scheme recognises the often extraordinary work being successfully undertaken by schools in challenging conditions and with limited resources. It encourages participants to draw on their own school and community resources and the resources of the Trinity Access project in Trinity College Dublin to support educational innovation and change.

The School of Distinction: Community Award, recognises the achievement of schools who have joined Trinity College’s Community of Practice and engaged in a process of evaluating and identifying the needs of their students and teachers. Community Award winners set relevant targets to address these needs and action student-centred programmes with the aim of embedding a college-going culture in their school. Schools who win this award have begun the process of engaging in 3 core practices of; Pathways to College, Mentoring and Leadership in Learning and have plans to expand these innovative programmes in the future. For further information visit

This award scheme aims to support the development of ‘college-going’ practices and a student-centred, innovative learning environment across schools nationwide. Ringsend College had a particularly strong commitment to teaching and learning and a passion for students’ educational journey. They had clear targets for the future and an ambitious vision for the development of the school

Ciara Moran, Deputy Principal (2021) said, “We are delighted to be part of a nationwide movement to promote the importance of post-secondary education. Winning the School of Distinction: Community Award recognises the ongoing hard work of our staff and students and a passion for ensuring that all of our students reach their full potential. We have been working in partnership with Trinity College for a number of years and we are looking forward to developing our partnership with them in the future.

Cliona Hannon, Director of Trinity Access says, “We are delighted to recognise the innovative, leadership and community focused work that Ringsend College has achieved in an extraordinary year. We hope to share the learning from these beacons of creativity with all our other school partners. A warm congratulations from all in Trinity Access for their courageous and creative leadership.”

Ciara Moran (Deputy Principal – 2021) and Paul Ryder (Principal – 2021)