School Management

Post Holder


Associated Role

Summary of Responsibilities

Mr. Paul Ryder



Executive responsibilities for leading & managing every aspect of the school.

Ms Ciara Moran


Deputy Principal

Assistant to the Principal in leading & managing the school.

Mr Pat O'Donnell

AP 1

Exam Secretary

Managing state exams, organising & administration.

Ms Orna Giblin

AP 1

SET/N Coordinator

Leading all aspects of SEN in the school.

Mr Mick Creighton

AP 1

Adult Education Director

Leading & Managing SF adult education & night school.

Ms Cliona McNeela

AP 1

Program Coordinator & Senior Cycle Lead

Management & Leadership of alternative programs & senior cycle student lead.

Mr Luke Greenhalgh

AP 2

Junior Cycle Years Lead

Management & Leadership of junior cycle years.

Mr Jonathon Walker

AP 2

DEIS Coordinator

Management & Leadership of DEIS (Plans, Targets, Implementation, Promotion).